4 reasons to include Box in your 2022 enterprise reporting strategy

enterprise reporting

We recently announced a bunch of ways that reporting in the Content Cloud got even smarter. Keeping tabs on what, why, and how users are doing things in Box is half the battle of being a proactive admin. And we're not saying you can solve all your problems with granular data. But you can tackle the major ones that keep you up at night.

In the new year, we’re continuing to invest in enterprise monitoring and reporting in ways that will make our customer’s lives easier. Our goal is to enable IT teams with mission-critical insights that help keep organizations running smoothly and securely.

Here are four reasons why you’ll want to incorporate Box into your 2022 strategy:

1. Audit and compliance tracking can be a breeze

Three tragic words: “you’re being audited.”

Being audited is bad enough, but then you realize that you didn’t have the right (or any!) governance and retention strategy in place to easily access the content you need for compliance. With Box, we have you covered to access critical content, manage legal holds, and remove unnecessary data. You’ll have seven years of audit data and be able to stay ahead of changing regulations like HIPAA, FINRA, and GDPR.

With Box Governance, you can easily set your retention requirements and create the policies. Exporting the details with the Retention Policy Report tool helps you to improve internal processes, prep for an audit, and monitor your policies on a more regular basis.

Retention Reporting

2. Get peace of mind by mitigating your content security risk

Want to sleep better at night? Regular monitoring and reporting of internal and external user activity is vital to your content security, and to getting better Z’s. Let Box reporting do the heavy lifting for you. Regulating how employees handle company content will allow you to be more prepared for whatever comes your way.

 We have several options to easily get started with reports already in Box:

  • User Activity Report: Regular monitoring of extraordinary access or downloads
  • Shared Links Report: Review how, and which, content is being shared externally to set appropriate policies
  • Collaboration Report:Understand which enterprise content is owned outside of Box
  • Files and Folders Report:See where all your content lives across the enterprise as well as identify your sensitive content where you’d want to consider setting additional permissions and security controls 

Additionally, we’ve recently added domain verification that allows you to be the queen (or king) of your domain. Programmatically validate the internet domains that you control to make your user and content management easier and prevent security breaches.

Domain Verification

3. Flexibility to report on what’s right for your organization — how and when you want

Granularity is the friend of the admin, and Box can generate granular reports on just about anything from your content. Run specific reports on a regular basis or conduct ad-hoc investigations from within the Admin Console. We recommend monitoring content for any out-of-the-ordinary activity monthly. To help you do that, we’ve added additional features to the Files and Folders Report, letting you further filter and customize your focus.  

Folders and Files Report

You’ll soon be able to regularly inform your internal stakeholders of Box usage and team activity, for example, by scheduling reports when and how you want.


For even more granularity, Box has a robust set of APIs.Our latest, Enterprise Event Stream API, optimizes for live monitoring and leverages a more scalable architecture to provide faster and more predictable downstream delivery. You can connect directly to the API or use your favorite SIEM or CASB provider to log or analyze specific activities within your systems.


4. Save time and money avoiding an unintended breach or malicious threats

Whether it’s from an accidental email, a lost laptop, or malicious actors, data breach costs can add up. According to the Ponemon Institute, companies saw an average increase of $3.86 million to $4.24 million in 2021. It’s no secret: a robust cybersecurity strategy and governance can save you significant time and money.

Our Box Shield team recently announced exciting new capabilities with malware deep scan for more sophisticated threat detection, and expanded auto-classification coverage for Smart Access policies. Likewise, we’re ramping up more admin insights to Shield reporting. We’ve recently added a Shield classification column to the User Activity Report along with the option to customize which columns display in the dashboard. Box admins can now see their Shield security classification identifiers for their organization’s content and apply it to their users.

Shield Classification

Content is your business — and Box ensures you can easily get set up to monitor and report on critical insights that keep your business running smoothly.

Whether you’re just getting started or want to achieve greater granularity, we have a variety of options to suit your business needs and help ramp up your 2022 strategy.

For more inspiration, check out our recent release demos in this on demand webinar, “How Box Reporting just got smarter — and why it matters.” You can also explore Box Community "How To Run Reports" or visit the Box Admin Console/Reports page and set up your first report.